Top 10 Nature Music Albums Best Reviewed

Mother Nature is a beautiful thing and the sounds of her can really cure the soul. This blog is devoted to helping people find amazing music that they love. I was once searching for as much nature melodies as I could obtain. I love this stuff so much that I have even started recording my own sounds. Hopefully you can enjoy this helpful guide I put together.

forest sounds

1. Relaxation Sounds of Nature

Enjoy the crisp sounds of professionally recorded nature melodies. Soothing Rain in the forest and gentle winds following through the grass. This album contains four tracks that around around 20 minutes each. The long songs make for very relaxing naps and sleep sessions. It costs around $10 and ships out the day of purchase if not made too late. If you spend over $50 with Amazon, shipping is free.



bird sounds

2. Echoes of Nature: Songbirds

The beautiful sounds of songbirds will really be a blessing to your life. “The beautiful songs transition together just perfect. You can’t even tell the songs are switching.” If you enjoy the sounds of birds in the crisp morning outdoors.. then you will love this. The album costs under $10 and can’t be competed with. 40 customer reviews point to only 5 stars on this album. For bird lovers, this is an absolute must.



nature sleep sounds3. Deep Relaxing Nature Sounds

This album contains five different themes of the outdoors. First, you have the ocean waves that really ease your mind of stress. Then you have the calm rain storm. Beautiful forest sounds follow that for a great melody. A person can enjoy pebble beach sounds follow that. There is a lot to enjoy here. For around $10, it is a great album to add to your collection. Cheapest price I found was at Amazon.



sleeping music4. Rain for Sleeping and Relaxation

Some of the most relaxing sounds of sooth rain and jazz. This album has a wopping 40 reviews that rave how good this album is with 5 star ratings. The songs on this album are a mixture of a duet that plays a lot of jazz style music and this is the calmest music they have produced yet. You can almost always find this album for under $10. Guaranteed to relax you at the end of your days.



ocean waves5. Calming Ocean Sounds of the Sea

An album devoted to completely relaxing ocean sounds that will relax your soul into a deep sleep. Mainly used for relaxing the human mind. This CD has 4 tracks on it that are roughly around twenty minutes long each. They transfer into each other in a perfect pace too. For such a relaxing tool, $10 sounds like a great buy to me. Nothing is more soothing than the different sounds of ocean waves hitting the beach.



thunderstorm sounds6. Healing Sounds of Nature

This CD holds a compilation of different nature sounds including raining thunderstorms, ocean waves, and birds chirping in the forest. Two songs that run into each other make up this entire album. It makes for a great sound to hit play on the stereo and walk away. Customer reviews are very highly scored and happy with this album. This is a personal favorite of mine and I literally own it.



wild nature sounds7. American Wild Sound of Nature

Reviews really speak loud for this nature album. There is a variety of “American Wild” different sounds all in themselves. If you want a little bit of variety from the outdoor sounds, then this might be a good choice. What I found interesting, was there were absolutely no negative reviews on this album. Takes a lot for an item to have 0 negative feedback. Let the reviews do the speaking.



forest music8. Healing Forest Sounds of Nature

As far as price and quality of what your getting, this album wins. For the cost of $4.95 you get five songs that are around 12-15 minutes long. On top of that, you get a wide variety of different sounds too. All the way from peaceful yoga sounds to a calm thunderstorm. This album has zero bad reviews and eleven five star reviews. That is a score of 100% in our minds. This is obviously worth your time.



rain sounds9. Thunderstorms & Rain Melody

This album is completely devoted to rain storms. You get seven different style tracks on different rain storms for a small price of $6.93. Again, this album has zero negative feedback and only has 100% five star ratings. Hopefully that gives you a little confidence when you think about possibly not being happy with this purchase. I love the sound of thunderstorms while falling asleep like a baby.


bliss songs10. “Bliss” Nature Sounds

Listen to the birds playing along the woodland stream. This is a phenomenal album with a wide variety of different sounds. This is one of my personal favorites and I enjoy the variety. You get a choice of seven different tracks for the price of $4.95 on the entire album. This could easily be higher on our list but remember we chose from hundreds of albums so its still good to be here at tenth on the list.




Sharing “Your Thoughts”


Sarah D.
Lately I’ve been having a lot of issues trying to get my kids to go to sleep and I have tried a lot of different alternatives and I finally tried nature sounds. What I do is I give them their dinner and I do everything in the same routine every single night and then I put on music in the room and make them very calm and they have just been on a routine. The sound of nature is really what does it for them I think and it pretty much can relax anyone I believe. It is helps me with my parenting because we have been having issues with the kids getting to sleep and this really helped us.
Darlene N.
I have personally found that if I listen to a lot of nature music it really helps me relieve a lot of my stress. I have always had issues sleeping and if I listen to some music on my headphones it really helps me to escape from everything that’s going on in my life and not to mention my husband snoring right next to me. I just want to share that I have tried multiple things and it seems that this type of music is really the only thing that helps me. More people should open up to things like this instead of drugs and alcohol because it can really be a soothing medication.
Jason V.
I personally travel all over the world for my job and I’m always stuck in situations where I just feel uncomfortable like on airplanes and such. The only way I felt comfortable with all the situations was to just listen to nature music and there was nothing easier than doing this. It basically relaxes me from a lot of my anxiety when I’m stuck in these situations and the doctors had me on some drugs but I totally just gave up on those and stuck with the music. It’s kind of crazy how powerful music can be and maybe Dr. should look into this a little bit more instead of subscribing or prescribing drugs to everybody.
Chris W.
I can honestly say that only certain melodies do it for me as far as relaxation and going to sleep. I do like the forest ones and the swamplike ones with the crickets are making a lot of noise because it kind of reminds me of my childhood. We did a lot of camping as children and that’s what I remember so it kind of helps me go back to my roots. I also like the rain ones because everybody can enjoy a good rain and sleeping to some good Rain sounds.
Billy Z.
My family has had some very hard times lately and when I listen to the music it kind of helps me escape all of this hard stuff on my mind. I understand that people go through hard times but when people die it’s just so hard to just get over. It seems like when somebody dies in the movie that it’s just so easy to just forget about but one that person that died is your best friend then you have some issues going on. Long story short I guess the music kind of helps me get to sleep at night because I can’t stop thinking about all the stuff that’s going on with my family.
Reply from Moderator
We’re sorry to hear that Billy and our prayers go out to you and we’re glad to hear that some of the music is helping you get by. Remember to Keep your head high because times can always get worse and if you look at the bright side there is always something good about what is happening. Even though friends and family passed away we will eventually see them and apart of them has never completely left us remember.
Billy Z.
Thank you for your regards very kind of you and I understand what you’re trying to say because I know exactly what you’re talking about. Even though someone has passed around me there is always something to look forward to it and look up to because I will see him again and that’s a promise to you. Yes I am sad about it but I am moving forward and probably going to change my life from this and live differently.
Paul B.
You had said that all of these albums were reviewed but I don’t see any of the reviews listed so where can we base off of reviews. I was hoping to see what different people were saying about the album so that I could purchase my favorite one based on what reviews were coming from.
Reply from Moderator
The reviews are actually found other places online like on and other sources. Unfortunately we do not have all of them hosted here. What we did was went through all of the reviews found online in base them on different variables to rank our list hopefully it is helpful. If you want to find most of the reviews online just go to Amazon and you can find them yourself through the links listed next to each album.
Rachel N.
This is a cool list and I want to thank you for sharing it and I actually just bought the number three on the list so hopefully he gives me good results and I look forward to listening to all of these cool melodies of mother nature. I’m to the point right now or if I can’t get to sleep at night that I’m probably going to drug myself but for now I am going to try some smooth music like this to help. I’ve been told by some my friends that this type of music really helps them so maybe I can have the same type of luck.